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Gardencove Grooves

Event organizer

Company Gathering, Exhibition, Gala Dinner, Awarding Night, Music Concert

Video Production

Video Commercial, Video Producti, Video Social Media,Video Promotion, Motion Graphic

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube

Booth Production

We provide booth manufacturing services with our own workshop

Recent Projects


Gardencove Grooves

Gardencove Grooves: An Evening of Jazz
Hosted by Barry Likumahuwa & Jazz Picnic.


Glenn Fredly Night

Glenn Fredly Night With The Bakuucakar



Event for Conwood


Ona Beauty

Booth for Ona Beauty

Let’s Work Together

Join us on a journey where creativity has no limits, and every idea is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.
Beverly Tower 1st Ground Floor Cilandak, South Jakarta

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